Snack Hacks

Snacks that won’t kill your macros…

We all snack. It’s inevitable.

The issue is that most people let the cravings get the best of them and they end up BINGE EATING…

The main reason for this is not understanding macros.

If you know what’s in the foods you eat the you’ll never binge.

You’ll understand how to make your snacks fit into your daily intake goals…

A successful diet requires consistency and preparation.

If you wing it, you’ll fail.

The best way to stay prepared is to know yourself, understand your habits and set yourself up to succeed.

We all get cravings and we all snack.

So, do some research and find some snacks that will kill your cravings but won’t kill your macros.

Here’s a few to help you out…


They taste great, they kill cravings and they’re packaged in small portions to avoid binging. You can even have a few packs without blowing out your macros, just make sure you track them ✅

1 12g pack of Maltesers has:

0.8g PROTEIN | 3g FATS | 8.7g CARBS


These are some one of my favs. They are really effective at killing cravings and they are packaged in small portions to avoid binging.

1 12.5g bar has:

1.1g PROTEIN | 4.4g FATS | 6.7g CARBS


Chips are a popular snacks and some are better than others on the macros. Red Rock Deli are the best tasting and most macro friendly chips out there. You can get the 28g snack size packs to avoid binging.

1 28g pack of chips has:

2.2g PROTEIN | 6.5g FATS 16.7g | CARBS

These are just a few examples of foods that are all around us.

You just have to be willing to look for them!

If you’re unsure of your daily calorie and macronutrient goals, feel free to hit us up ✅

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