Protein sources

Protein sources

You can get your protein from a wide variety of foods. The amount of protein in each food will vary as well as the other macros that accompany the protein.

This is where people tend to go wrong. It’s not JUST about what food you eat, it’s about the macros in each food.

You have to understand what you’re eating to ensure that you actually get the results you want!

It’s common knowledge that meat is a great source of PROTEIN but that’s where it ends for most people.

How much PROTEIN does it have?

Is it enough for your daily requirements?

Does it have a high fat content?

Does THAT fit your daily requirements?

The only way to know is to do your research and to track your macros.

Let’s compare the macros of 200g of chicken breast, eye fillet steak and salmon. All great protein sources. All very different macros.


It’s not news that chicken is a lean protein source. Is it the highest protein food? No. BUT it does have a good dose of protein and almost no fat.

200g of chicken breast has:

48g PROTEIN | 0g CARBS | 3g FATS


Lean steak is another great protein source. believe it or not it’s actually much higher than chicken breast.
The only SLIGHT downside compared with chicken is the FAT content but it’s nothing to stress about, just be aware of it.

200g of eye fillet steak has:

64g PROTEIN | 0g CARBS | 12g FATS


Salmon is a common “go to” for people on a “diet”. Of course it is a great protein source BUT it’s FAT content is extremely high compared top other meats. Again, it’s nothing to stress about, just be aware of it.

200g of salmon has:

40g PROTEIN | 0g CARBS | 26g FATS

The message never changes here guys. Do your research and understand what makes up the foods that you’re eating.

As long as it fits your macros, you’re on the right track!

If you’re unsure of your daily calorie and macronutrient goals, feel free to hit us up and we’ll help you out 💪

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